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Thank you for visiting the DDC Racing web site. DDC Racing has two parts one is a Formula Vee racing team made up of a Father and his two sons as well as several other crew members. We race mostly in Michigan and Ohio with a few rare trips to other states. We race at Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) events and at Waterford Hills Road Racing (WHRRI) events. The type of racing we do is only for fun and not to try and become professional race car drivers. For info on what a Formula Vee (FV) is and what the SCCA is about click on the links on the left. We only race for trophies, bragging rights, and for the thrill of the sport. Check out the history link for information about how it all started. The other part of DDC racing is the VW Air Cooled Engine build & re-build. We build all types of Type 1 air cooled motors from 40 hp stock to 2232 cc. We mostly do re-builds but can build to suit if desired. The care put into our race winning Formula Vee motors is also applied to our street motors.

Check out the race results page for reports about our recent race adventures and upcoming events. DDC Racing will also rent cars, give personal instruction, has dyno services, and complete rebuilds for regional FV engines and Formula First Engines.

If you have ever thought about driving your car at the limit on that morning commute maybe you should think about Road Racing and Formula Vee is one of the most affordable ways to do it. Road Racing has nothing to do with the road, but has everything to do with racing. It is the opposite of racing on an oval like Nascar tracks. It is racing on purpose built race tracks with elevation changes, fast corners, slow corners, and high speed straights. In this type of racing the fun comes from trying to have the most guts coming in and out of corners. Trying to stop at the last possible split-second at the end of a long straight is a feeling you will never get driving to work.

If you would like info on how to come see a race or you are interested in our engine services phone 734-697-3874 or send us an e-mail at dsatterley@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any questions about the web site at aleafs@yahoo.com

DDC Racing · Belleville, Mi · dsatterley@hotmail.com
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