DDC Racing History

DDC Racing dates all the way back to the mid-1970's. Dave Satterley Sr. decided to buy his first Formula Vee when he visited a club race at Waterford hills Raceway in Clarkston, Mi. This first car was named a Huron and was built in Canada sometime in the 1960's. Dave Sr. went to his first drivers school for the first event at what was called Nelson International now Shannoville Raceway in Ontario, Canada and was instantly bit by the racing bug. After completing his racing school he went to race at Waterford Hills during the late seventies. He then bought his second car named a Chase from one of his competitors. There where three Chase chassis built and Dave owned the first & second one. During the 1980's the car sat in the garage while Dave raised a family. Then one day a friend at work decided to get Dave racing again.

The Chase got back on the track at Waterford Hills during the 90's and a new car was bought in 1993. The new car, a Lynx B, was one of the most popular cars built back then, and made Dave instantly faster than he had ever been before winning many races during the 1990's. Dave Satterley Jr. decided to get in the drivers seat at the early age of sixteen and was giving his dad a run for his money during his rookie year. Dave Jr. was involved in a terrible accident during the 2002 racing season but with the strength of the Lynx chassis he was able to walk away with some sorness and bruises but decided to retire from racing. The result of this accident was a ruined Lynx B and the teams best driver decided to take a more active role in preparing the cars.

And He walked Away

The next member to join the team was Chris Satterley who decided to get in the car in 2001. In 2003 Chris and Dave Sr decided to buy a couple of new cars to become more competitive. Chris's Caracal C was purchased and Dave Sr. Bought a Protoform P2. Chris and Dave Sr. now compete at a regional level in Central Division of the SCCA. Dave Sr. finished first in the division this year(2010). Chris competed in limited events because of the introduction of two new children and school pursuits.

Caracal C

Protoform P2

Trey Brawner (Dave Sr's Grandson) is the newest member to join the team. He competed at Go-kart tracks in Southest Michigan training and at 16 went to driver's school and is able to drive one of the 3 Formula Vees owned by DDC Racing.

Invader kart

Our newest edition to the fleet is a Formula First which will be debuting in the 2010 season.

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