How to get started in Road Racing

If amateur road racing is something that you are interested in doing I would first send you to to get information about your area. Before you decide to join the SCCA I would find a race in your area and check out all the different classes and cars there are to race. There is everything from Formula Vees to complete tube frame cars with 500hp and also cars that people drive everyday.

After choosing in which class you would like to compeat, you must join the SCCA, get a doctor certified Physical, and obtain your novice license and find a drivers school at a track near you.

SCCA runs their own schools for people who already have a car or you can choose an arrive and drive school. You could also rent a car and go to an SCCA school. If you live in Michigan you can do the yearly Waterford Hills racing school to obtain a WHRRI license, but you would only have the ability to race at Waterford hills for the first year.

I would recomend that you rent a car or go to an arrive and drive school to make sure you like racing before you spend the money on a car.

Racing is expensive but if you have the bug it's great fun for the money. One way around this is to do HPDE events where you can take your street car on race tracks and go as fast as you want with limitations on passing. At these events you are competing against time. Another way to get involved is to try Solo racing. Solo racing is a race against time where a track is set up using cones and most people compete with their street cars. One other way to get involved is to volunteer as a flagger or any other part of racing that might interest you. This is a great way to meet people and have a good time on weekends.

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