DDC Racing Engines & Services

SERVICES Our specialty is F Vee and FST re-builds but we also offer VW Air Cooled (ACVW) engine builds and re-builds. Anything from a 36 HP, we have done these with superchargers and dual carbs, to a 2276. and any size in between. We also started doing Type IV re-builds for buses and Porsche 914's and 912 E's. We can do line boring on Type I caes, open up heads and cases for bigger cylinders, hone cylinders and re-build heads. Our Go Power dyno is rated for 100 hp (realisticly 70 HP). We can also prep your F Vee or FST or rent you one for SCCA races and Waterford Hills. And we offer flow testing on our 110 flowbench. Our services are very reasonable, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


PARTS We have many OG used chassis and engine parts for 40 hp engines, king pin front ends and swing axles transmissions. We also carry used 1600 parts and cores. If you are local, we have a small selection of engine bearing, rings, valves and other re-build parts. We usually have a 1600 or 1641 long block in stock, just call.

Dual Port Long Block

912E Engine

2232 cc in a VW Thing Dual 44 HPMX Carbs

DDC Racing � Belleville, Mi � (734) 697-3874 dsatterley@hotmail.com